The title VARLA is the print magazine responsible for the pinup revival culture we know now. Created in 1998 as a throwback to the pinups of the 50's, Publisher Rachel Varla sought out models who had the look of classic models like Marilyn, Bettie, Jayne and of course, Tura Satana whose character in the Russ Meyer film Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! was the true inspiration for the name and behind the magazine's creation. There were no "modern pinups" at the time and Varla Magazine started it all.

As we all know, the print industry took a hit in recent years, everything got shook up. For a while, Varla lay dormant, throwing a few parties here and there, keeping our little toe in the water, but now we're doing a cannonball. With and all new digital platform, a bigger, broader audience, powerhouse photographers and writers on board, Varla is back and better than ever. Join us for a fun ride.


Rachel Varla Publisher

Rachel Varla Publisher Starting out as a photographer at the age of 15, Rachel knew she wanted to pursue journalism.…


0 James Edward

JAMES EDWARD is a USA Hockey Certified coach, Soap Box Philosopher, free life enthusiast from the NORTH NORTH Eastern corner…

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Brandon Turner works to compose and expose, through video and photo, various subjects in front of his lens. Ranging from…