Anthony Napolitan


By Sports Photographer Andre Magarao.

In my opinion a photographer can learn a lot when they are open to new challenges. The experiences you get from shooting one subject can usually relate to other fields of photography. Even though I spend most of my time shooting water sports, I’m always trying to shoot different sports. Through a mutual friend I ended up meeting Anthony Napolitan and every time I’m in California, I try to shoot as much BMX as I can.

Much alike most of the board sports, BMX evolved to having two different helms of tricks. Tricks to win contests and tricks that look good on photos. When it comes to photography, every sport has it’s own challenges. But comparing to the other sports I shoot, BMX is definitely more challenging when it comes to getting the right moment. My goal is always to make an image that pleases myself as a photographer but also pleases the rider. And even more so when it comes to accomplished riders. Those guys have done so many photo/video sessions and worked with a bunch of different photographers that they can really judge and analyze a shot.

This last month I had the opportunity to shoot with Anthony Napolitan quite a few times in Huntington Beach. The spot is pretty unique, it’s up on a hill so there is a view and plenty of angle options. I didn’t want to bother him much because the X Games are coming up and these guys are focused on training and not getting hurt. But Anthony was always down to work on a few tricks to get the shot. We even got one pretty crazy looking sunset session. Here are a few shots of what went down.

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