Brandon Turner


Brandon Turner works to compose and expose, through video and photo, various subjects in front of his lens. Ranging from music, sports, art and food. The path started in 2006 when he first picked up a camera in a high school vocational class. The ambition and creativity continued to build through college at Eastern Kentucky University. These days you can find him shooting whatever assignment that comes across his desk while listening to podcasts and music of all sorts. Brandon runs Unsung Hero Media out of Lexington, KY. He enjoys pizza and Slipknot.

Alan Day of Four Year Strong at Expo Five in Louisville, Ky

Rapper J. Cannon performing in Lexington, Ky at Natasha's

Braun Dabney of Bad People at Cosmic Charlies in Lexington, Ky

John Winters of PRHBTN, Mural by Eduardo Kobra in Lexington, Ky

By Brandon Turner

Brandon at work.

Brandon at work.


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