Chris Collins D.O.G.T. part 1


Meet Chris D.O.G.T. The artist and creator of “Defenders Of Good Times” from Oakland, CA. This is our introduction to the man, part 1.

Chris Collins photo by Kiki D.O.G.T, get your jump on.

Chris Collins photo by Kiki D.O.G.T, get your jump on.

His quote sums up who he is…

“As far as what I’m about, I just like fun man. I don’t want to win anything or beat anyone at anything. I’m not trying to better or cooler at anything. I just want the world to have fun. I have had a crazy life and been through some super hard shit, and just realize that there is too much good to focus on the bad. Fuck the news and general population.. keep it simple and realize what life really is without all the man made stuff including laws and rules and expectations. I want to share my life….what’s mine is yours and that goes for every mother fucker up in this bitch! I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done.. everyone has the ability to have fun.”-Chris Collins D.O.G.T. (Defenders of Good Times)

Chris DOGT photo by

Chris DOGT

Full feature coming by James Edward


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