Death and Hell Video Premiere



As the video intro states: “Warning – This video contains plenty of flashing images that can be dangerous to anyone with photosensitive epilepsy. If you feel that the video will in any way be harmful or dangerous to you, please turn off the video now.”

Art meets rap, meets politics meets…you decide. Here is the video release and premiere from up and coming rapper Jonathan AKA J Dub. Directed by Ben Crossman of the Die Antwoord creative team, it features model Jennifer Broders, designer Devo Wevo and we can’t forget, Lucifer himself. When asked where his concept for the video and song came from, J Dub states-

“I wanted to go in with this song and video and hit stigmatized pressure points that I feel on both a personal and societal level. Like a deep tissue massage that has to hurt first before it can heal. Right now I honestly feel like we can’t afford to do anything else and that’s why the song has a built-in apology.

“I like music videos that closely reflect the vibe of the song. For this song, obviously it needed to go hard. You can’t exactly tip toe around ‘Death and Hell.’ The original idea was for me to go around kicking it with the devil but once me and Director Ben Crossman got riffing we started to up the ante in terms of ideas and eventually came up with this whole fucked up day-in-the-life scenario of me leading an illuminati cult ritual.”

When asked if there were any memorable moments from the making of the video-

“We decided last minute to rent the Lamborghini. I was going like 0 – 90 in the downtown fashion district. Ben, the director actually stood on the roof of it and lit some shit on fire for the sake of a legendary insta-pic. The experience taught me that I don’t really want a Lambo because it’s not actually very practical. The inside panel has the most complicated spaceship controls. Like dude, I just wanna roll down a window.

“Another tid-bit is that the torture scene where I’m tied to the chair is actually real. Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to find some people who were down to beat me up. (LOL) I definitely think some people out there are gonna want to slap me for making such a hot, viable foray into the rap game so this one was for them.”

We dig the enthusiasm J Dub, keep bringin’ lyrics like “How we gon un-fuck the system when the oligarchs are tight-knit / tell em I read Atlas Shrugged and I liked it.” You can catch him live on Saturday June 25th at a soul shakedown at The Church of Fun 4109 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029 with The Puscie Jones Revue and The Coo Coo Birds.

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