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Feast BBQ – Louisville, Ky
By Brandon S. Turner

909 E Market St. Louisville, KY

909 E Market St. Louisville, KY

Feast BBQ is an award-winning establishment specializing in BBQ and Bourbon. The walls are draped with American Flags and the state of Kentucky formed with the reclaimed wood of bourbon barrels. The menu ranges from the usual staples of Pulled Pork, Brisket, Chicken and Ribs. There are also a few new additions like tacos, loaded tots and tofu (yes, tofu), with hearty sized salads and sides to compliment your meal. Behind the bar you will find many types of Kentucky Bourbon and Craft Beer, and I can’t forget to mention the Bourbon slushie machine.

I had the American style pork tacos. At first I thought I should have ordered three, but two was more than enough. Packed into two gluten free corn tortillas is juicy pulled pork, creamy slaw, crisp green onions and their tangy original BBQ sauce. I’m lucky I came in when I did because the lunch crowd quickly filed in forming a line out the door. 

Feast BBQ has two locations: One close to Downtown Louisville, Ky that is a former auto shop turned restaurant and has been open for only 7 months. The first Feast BBQ is located in New Albany, Indiana and has been open since 2012. 

909 E Market St
Louisville, KY
(502) 749-9900

116 W Main St
New Albany, IN
(812) 920-0454


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