Flexx Bronco


Flexx Bronco
Volume 3
Self Destructo Records
Release date 11/27/15
Review By Doug Walker

A good rock record should do two things equally; punch you in the stomach, then drag you by your genitals to the party whether you want to go or not. Flexx Bronco’s latest offering does just that. Good, high energy, testosterone-driven rock. 12 songs of adrenaline fueled, hip shaking rock and roll.

The guitar playing and tones are everything you could want to hear. Thick, layered, punishing and driving. Solid bass playing lies underneath the gorgeous guitar layering. The drumming is steady, tasteful and in the pocket.

There are some really interesting moments on the record. “Heart on the Floor” is a heart wrenching ballad of love lost. The anguish comes through completely in the vocals. There’s nothing fake about this. It sounds like a love song from the 60s. Then you get an alternate version of the same song, which is high energy and steady. Fantastic to hear the 2 interpretations of the same song.

By contrast, you have a song like “Mors non seperabit” which I can only assume is Latin for “towering fucking guitar riffs.” This intro song-let has a love at first sting feel to it and completely gives the urge to pump a fist…which I don’t advise doing while driving through southern California traffic when you are in a car with a manual trasmission…but that’s a story for another day.

The production on the record is concise and impeccable. You can clearly hear everything that’s going on. Nothing is overpowered or overpowering. The way the songs are layered and put together is perfectly executed. Even simple concepts sound large and fleshed out. There was some serious work and thought put into this record, and it shows.

To summarize…if you like driving, straight forward, catchy, blues-based guitar driven rock and roll, this belongs in your music collection.

Flexx Bronco

Flexx Bronco


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