Jonny Manak and The Depressives

The new album, Cold Pizza and Warm Beer

The new album, Cold Pizza and Warm Beer

New CD out now on Self Destructo Records
Vinyl Release August 2015
Pre order link: Shop Self Destructo
Review by Doug Walker

So, let’s say someone comes up to you and they are completely unaware of punk rock. This hypothetical person says to you “Hey, I’ve heard about this punk rock and I think I’d like to try it out.” You could spend an infinite amount of time trying to show them every band and their best song, or you could show them this record. With only one song clocking in over 3 minutes, it covers all of the best aspects of punk rock without any of the bullshit filler; 17 songs of pure punk rock perfection.

Jonny Manak is a master songwriter. You can hear so many influences going on, but none of them overshadow the other. Instead of sounding derivative, it ends up sounding like someone threw every great record from Punk Rock’s glory days into a pot and boiled them down to make one solid record. There’s some surf, some garage, some pop, some New York, some L.A., some Bay Area…just, all of it.

The tones and mixing are also pretty much exactly what you want to hear from a punk rock record. Angry, high energy guitars. Pounding, rapid fire drumming. Bass lines that carry a melody under the guitar barrage. The vocals are very dry, and at points get a little pushed under the sonic barrage of the instruments…but that’s also punk rock, so, there you have it.

Overall, it’s impossible to listen to this record and not tap your foot with a smile on your face. The energy and songwriting is undeniable, and the fun is infectious. So even if you don’t have a hypothetical friend that has never heard punk rock…if you are a fan of punk rock, this record belongs in your collection. CDs are available now, as well as digital copies (it’s 2015, after all), with a vinyl release scheduled for August from Self Destructo Records. If you want a pick-me-up for your soul, go listen to Cold Pizza and Warm Beer.

The band’s site: Jonny Manak and The Depressives


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