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Peter Pan Speedrock: Undisputed Kings of European Speed Rock. By Doug Walker

It’s hard to believe that in the age of information overload that we live in that it’s possible for there to be a cultural gap in Western civilization. In the world of independent-underground music, there are still some pretty amazing gems to stumble on. Peter Pan Speedrock is one of them.

They formed in 1997, and have been one of the most influential speed rock bands in Europe ever since. They run a yearly fest in Eindhoven in The Netherlands called Speedfest It’s a multi stage, major festival that has some of the biggest names in underground music playing. These guys are absolute giants over seas.

As well they should be. Peter van Elderen is their award-winning guitarist. His playing for lack of a better phrase is, simply put, perfect rock guitar. They bring it hard as a tight 3 piece with Bart Geevers on bass and Bart Nederhand on drums, sometimes joined by their Mascot/Guest singer “Dikke Dennis”. It means Fat Dennis, but the giggle inducing American interpretation is just as accurate. Dennis has a free-range penis. He likes to give it lots of fresh air. So. Fat Dennis, Dennis with his Cock out…same difference. Just as rad either way.

All that being said, they don’t really have that much of a presence in the U.S. There’s a scene that’s aware of them and into them, but these guys should be a household name. I was very late to the game on them admittedly. I hadn’t heard of them until they’d been around for a solid 12 years, but I’ve been a fan ever since.

They’ve played SXSW twice. They haven’t toured the U.S. since the early 2000’s when they came over for a run with Nashville Pussy. The last U.S. release was in 2007. I’m pointing out the extensive gap for a good reason:

Self Destructo Records putting out a CD and L.P. for them stateside. Right now there’s nothing solid on the touring front, but there is definitely something in the works for the future. I can’t think of a better way of explaining these guys than this:

This is a band that needs to come defibrilate the U.S. rock scene. If you’re into the hardliners like Zeke, Speedealer, and Motorhead and you haven’t gotten into these guys, do yourself a favor.

Article written by Doug Walker


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