Rachel Varla Publisher


Rachel Varla Publisher

Photo by Fia Varla

Photo by Fia Varla

Starting out as a photographer at the age of 15, Rachel knew she wanted to pursue journalism. After a couple years at University for Journalism/Communications, she decided to move to Los Angeles from her small town in Oregon to pursue that career. Soon after her arrival to the big city, she decided to start her own title, Varla, which was born in 1998 and the first published print issue was released Summer of 1999. From there the magazine grew to an internationally distributed title. Over the years Varla Magazine saw successes such as a sold out New Years Eve show at the Knitting Factory where 1200 people attended to celebrate with 7 bands and two burlesque acts. There were bubble machines and confetti cannons while The Adicts burst into the new year with “Viva LA Revolution,” because Varla itself was a revolution of sorts.

Varla New Year's Eve with The Adicts

Varla New Year’s Eve with The Adicts

The print industry went through a lot of changes in the following years, and so did Rachel. She took a break from publishing Varla while the print industry figured out how to survive and she focused on other interests like becoming a certified personal trainer, she worked at Monster Garage for a while blowing stuff up and getting paid for it, spent time raising her son Jackson, and even worked at Hustler Magazine for a short but wild minute as art director.

Fast forward to the now, Rachel is CEO of Varla Entertainment LLC; If she’s not running the business, she’ll be out shooting someone (with her Canon) possibly working at the gym, or at the hockey rink cheering on her Lil’ LA King.


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